Changing perspectives

"Anxious to carry out actions with an impact, KIRAO's employees unanimously decided that the company would allocate 1% of its turnover to the Impala Avenir Development association. KIRAO chose Impala Avenir because of the common values that unite us. The strong involvement of its founders, its expertise and its partnerships allow an optimal use of the financial resources provided.

Fabrice Revol - Founder of Kirao

Impala avenir développement, Incubator of social initiatives to promote the autonomy of the most disadvantaged

Since 2018, Impala Avenir Développement was created to incubate and structure the resources needed for spin-offs, its missions are based on 3 axes:

INCUBATE social entrepreneurship and empowerment projects for the poorest

To finance project leaders in the development of their action

TO FUND the resources of companies and individuals who share our values of solidarity

The Digital Plumbers

A job in digital infrastructure in 4 months!

Integration program for young adults who have dropped out of school in the digital infrastructure sector. Short and pre-qualifying circuits having welcomed more than 600 candidates since 2018 with 70% positive exits.

The House of Godmothers

Sheltering young women in precarious housing situations

Housed free of charge for the duration of their stay at the Maison des Marraines, the young women can invest in a professional project with the help of a partner association specialized in integration.

Building Geeks

Duplication of the Digital Plumbers to the construction industry

A project of short, pre-qualifying training courses allowing the integration of unqualified young people in the building maintenance trades in only 3 to 4 months.