How to subscribe

You are an individual

Our funds can be subscribed through a life insurance contract, a capitalization contract, a securities account, a Retirement Savings Plan (RSP) or a Stock Savings Plan (SSP) subject to eligibility.

Please contact your usual financial contact (bank, insurance company, etc.) and tell them the name of the fund, its ISIN code, the transaction you wish to carry out (subscription), the amount of this transaction (or the number of units). You can also subscribe through a financial investment advisor, who will tell you how to subscribe, and who will be able to guide you towards the Kirao products that are in line with your asset projects, your objectives and your constraints.

You are a CGP

For any questions regarding the funds you can contact our sales team by email( or by phone at 01 85 73 48 18 .

If you are a financial investment advisor, you can download the complete list of referrals.

Any subscription to a fund must be made after having read the regulatory documents in force. The prospectus, DICIs (key information document for the investor) of our funds are available on our website.

Investors wishing to subscribe/redeem units are invited to contact their account-holding institution for information on the cut-off time for taking their request into account, which may differ from the centralization time mentioned on the website.