In the stock market,
no one is watching
from the same place,
nor in the same place.

look closely,
see far.


Fund ISIN Date V.L YTD 1 year Since inception
Kirao Multicaps 18-07-2024 178.69 4.48% -1.52% 78.69%
Kirao Multicaps Alpha 18-07-2024 113.16 2.95% -3.44% 13.16%
Kirao Smallcaps 18-07-2024 200.11 -3.13% -5.06% 100.11%

Past performance is no guarantee of future performance and is not constant over time. These products present a risk of capital loss. Performances are calculated net of all fees by Kirao and stop at the date indicated in the table above. Source: Kirao.

The Kirao spirit

The Manifesto

Long-term performance requires seeing better and more.

This clairvoyance cannot be decreed and has nothing magical about it. It finds its source in a precise and deep knowledge, which aims at not confusing opinion and truth.

The Kirao spirit


We invest primarily in companies.

We have no dogmas, only benchmarks and preferences.

Our gaze seeks the triptych:


The Kirao spirit


Our commitments cover 3 dimensions.

The GSS is a natural extension of our philosophy. It enriches our knowledge of companies.

CSR. In the name of applying to ourselves, what we favor in others!

Philanthropy. Kirao donates 1% of its sales to the Impala Avenir Développement association.